What We Believe

In the 4th Century, St. Augustine of Hippo stated, "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity." We aim to live by this same statement. CalChurch is a place to learn more about Jesus and explore faith, which attracts various beliefs. We hold on to the essentials and encourage our church to explore the rest. You can just read on to discover what we believe and who we genuinely strive to be.

Love God

It all begins with God. We believe He is the Creator of all. That He is unlimited, unchanging and that He needs for nothing. And yet in needing nothing, He chooses US.

Personally and individually He seeks out His creation – you and me. In His pursuit He shows Himself compassionate and merciful, though sometimes our view of this is clouded because our world is broken – a result of our choices not His. But even in the midst of our failed choices, He chooses redemption. He is Active. Involved. The sum of which is unconditional, unrelenting LOVE.
Love Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the heartbeat of all we do. He is the most extraordinary and exciting presence to ever walk our planet.

This is amazingly profound because for over 2000 years He has wonderfully, radically and eternally changed people’s lives. And … He used a cross to do it. A cross where He died in order to pay the price for my brokenness and yours. Simply put – He paid what we owed. But it didn’t end there. He was resurrected and eternally lives to bridge the chasm between God and us. Though He walked the earth over 2000 years ago, He still desires to have relationship with the people of today. He is God’s Son and He is God. God with skin on. Savior to anyone who believes His message. WE view His full humanity and full God-ness as gloriously mysterious, yet simple enough for anyone who says, “I want to know YOU”.
Love People

All people are God-made which means all people are God-valued.

We are filled with unlimited potential, yet tragically flawed. Calvary (where Jesus Christ died on the cross) proves people matter to God – they matter to us, too.
God's Love For Humanity

You and I suffer from a spiritual disease called sin. Minimize it, excuse it, deny it; it’s real and it’s a big deal in the eyes of a just God.

Yes, humankind is made in God’s image and is filled with potential, but we are also simultaneously flawed beyond the point of being able to fix ourselves. Given this irreparable problem of sin – apart from God – we are in a hopeless state. Appraised in a divine economy, it’s spiritual treason. You and I are rebels. Depressing, huh? Sounds hopeless? It is … except for the fact that this same God has a soft spot for rebels.

Inspiration of Scripture

Finding God is not something we initiate; it is Someone we respond to. Though we were unaware, He loved us first.

He sought US out. We know this because He has given us an entirely trustworthy revelation, a divine book – HIS BOOK. The Bible. His words tell us of His original love. Though written by human authors, its ultimate author is God Himself.
Diverse Community

“Diversity” is a word commonly used to describe the people who attend our worship services. And, we love it! WE are one people, yet profoundly different.

One family, yet culturally diverse. All with unique backgrounds, burdens and baggage, yet with similar dreams and desires.

Though we are all uniquely created individuals, we believe that everyone longs for relationship with their Creator. We are spiritual beings, therefore we crave spiritual relationships, both with God and one another. We believe in fostering these relationships by celebrating our God-given differences (culture, race and gender) AND our God-given commonalities (a deep desire to connect with the One, True God, and with one another). Simply put, we seek to cultivate community.

Living Forever

You and I were created to live forever. Some treat Heaven like a fairytale, a myth that Christians conjured up to bolster excitement when life on earth seemed too bleak or drab.

The Bible presents Heaven very differently: A place that is perfect, amazing and very REAL.More real than anything you can touch in this present realm. The problem is you can’t get there on your own (remember that “rebel thing”?). Try as you might through morality, religion, charitable activity, positive thinking – it’s not enough. Christ is the only way. His cross is the cure for our sin. And the best part, receiving salvation (forgiveness, acceptance, Heaven, God’s Spirit) is as a gift. It’s not something you work for. It’s not something you can earn. You can’t buy it. It’s purely a GIFT. Far from cheap, but FREE. It’s as simple as putting your faith in Christ.

Global Mission

Jesus saves. This is a truth too amazing to keep to ourselves. It is a truth that houses eternal life, purpose, cleansing, peace, and acceptance.

It is a spiritual revolution that is for all people – hope, healing heaven.

Because all of this can only be found in a relationship with Christ, we are not ashamed to share it with all we know. It is a truth so transforming we will take it to our neighbors; we will take it to the nations. Some see this as narrow and small-minded; we see it as so gracious and revolutionary, to keep it to ourselves would be criminal.