We Are Cal Church...

In Our Church, Nobody's Perfect
Everyone Is Welcome
You Can Come As You Are
We Do Fresh Starts
We Do Second Chances
We Do Real
We Do Forgiveness
We Do Grace

Our History

Our church began as a small Bible study with Dr. Brad Johnson, our founding pastor. As the Bible study grew, a few first ‘preview services’ were held in November and then again Christmas of 2009. Eventually, it became evident that weekly Sunday services could begin in January 2010. We were as grass roots as it gets! The first year, our congregation met in a movie theater in Calabasas. We saw so many blessed by the message of Jesus and finding true community in that venue. Our church soon moved our services to the ballroom of the Sheraton Inn in Agoura, CA. We are so thankful for the spaces provided for our church community. For nearly seven years now, our church has met in a leased building right across the street from the Sheraton that hosted us previously. Our church has seen this space as a gift, and we are so thankful to God and all the people who got us here!

Our Beliefs

We Are God-Hearted
We Are People-Centric
We Believe People Matter
We Embrace Cultural Orphans
We Recognize We Are Spiritual Rebel
We Respond To The Living Word
We Aim To Be A Relevant Church
We Are A Faith Nation
We Are Created To Live Forever
We Have A Global Mission

Our Values

Authentic Transformation

We believe real change only comes from being real with God. Our church doesn't have perfect people, but we have many who want Jesus to change us for the better.

True Connection

We weren't made to live life alone. We believe Jesus doesn't just want community, but true connections with others. At Cal Church, we are part of God's family and invite anyone to join.

Unbelievable Generosity

We are generous because we serve a generous God. We believe in practicing this with our time, words, and finances anywhere we go. We believe in being a reflection of God's light to our community.

Our Leadership

Donna Buice

Executive Pastor